Lesson 2

Next came the Egyptian Mittens. This was one of those patterns I saw while searching around two color patterns and just had to knit them. It’s just a great look. I used some of the modifications done by others and used the same pattern within the diamond just changed the direction. In the process of working on this pattern I ended up re-charting the pattern in Illustrator just for my own sanity. I thought the chart might be helpful so I contacted the designer and asked if she wanted the alternate chart since it was a free pattern. She was super nice and added my chart to the pattern PDF. You can find it here


For some reason colorwork seems to go quickly for me. I think it holds my interest. I want to see what the next pattern repeat will look like so I’ll do a few more rounds than I would before giving up. These turned out well, but almost too big. I have huge hands, so I went up in yarn gauge hoping the ladies medium would turn into a men’s XL and I got pretty close. I think as I use them and as they get wet and a little felted they will end up fitting me just right. I whipped these out in just over a week, although I did have the Thanksgiving break to help with some free time. I used the Wendy Guernsey 5 ply yarn which is already a beefy yarn and knit into colorwork on 3mm needles it’s practically bulletproof. These got a little bit of use last winter, they were very warm.


Lesson 2 in Fair Isle: Colorwork keeps it interesting.


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